Sunday, May 15, 2011

About Lulu's 2011

Way back in 1978, a girl was hungry, and so she made some chocolate chip cookies. From these humble beginnings, a deep love of all things sugary was born. I have always been the gal who brings dessert to the potluck. I read cookbooks like novels, and collect recipes like baseball cards. Nevertheless, all of this was just a fabulous hobby, until fate provided the proverbial kick in the pants, and asked the simple question, “Why not do what you love for a living?”

And so, Lulu’s Confections was born, from the muck and mire of a third-of-a-life-crisis, and the hope to make people happy. I believe that sweets can make many things better, at least temporarily, and that cookies made with love are a good prescription for, well, life. It’s just that simple.

Lulu’s offers a wide range of cookies, from the classic chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin to ginger delights, to homemade oreos, to the strange new world of cookies with cayenne, rosemary, or cornmeal. Our cookies are “normal” sized compared to most of the cookies walking the streets of Portland these days. To us, that means they taste better, allow you to try several different flavors in one happy snack, and maybe even encourage you to share. And sharing is nice. The majority of ingredients are organic, and our butter is rbgh-free from Oregon. While Lulu is an omnivore, we are sensitive to those of you who are not. Flour-alternative, sugar alternative, and vegan cookies are available.

We are mostly a fly-by-night cookie girl business... showing up at your favorite show or event like a cigarette girl, except with cookies. I'm the world's smallest foodie cart ( I am also happy to do a special order for parties, crushes, meetings, weddings, etc. Just get in touch already!