Saturday, January 9, 2010

Presenting... The Holy Wow


It has been a while since I've really explored a new cookie recipe for you, feeling that we had a pretty killer set of cookies that you were passionate about, and that I thought were pretty swell too.

But, at a certain moment, a cookie mistress looks around at the divine-ness that surrounds her, and thinks.... but is it enough? Couldn't I do
more for the people of Portland?

The answer is yes, or, more precisely, the answer is The Holy Wow, the newest addition to the Lulu's Confections line up.

The Holy Wow is my first foray into the sandwich cookie. Two soft dark chocolate cookies lovingly hold some butter cream yumminess in their little cookie arms. The cookie brings new meaning to the phrase "melts in your mouth."

I hope you will have opportunity to try one soon. If you are smart enough to go to the Performance Works benefit tonight (Saturday, January 8), you can taste them for yourself!

Many thanks to the hard working tasters who critiqued (and then named) this cookie. Way to take one for the people!